Owners: Bob & Darci O’Connell

The Architrouve was designed and executed in 2006 as a unique mixed-use space. The Architrouve is a three-storied walk-up building erected in the early 1880's after The Great Chicago Fires. Founders and patrons Bob and Darci O'Connell have been actively collecting fine art for the past 35 years. Their collective vision has been to encourage and support the pursuit of the creative spirit in all mediums as reflected in their eclectic connoisseurship.

The mission of The Architrouve is to embrace and promote the creative process as reflected in the art and culture of Chicago.

We will enhance, encourage and showcase the artists with this vision. We will be a physical environment for Chicago's art, music, film, theater, dance and other forms of artistic expression. We will educate about the past and present and participate in creating the future. We will give artists the opportunity to explore influences and cultures.

The Architrouve will curate and present exhibitions that will be supplemented by interactive events such as exploring the world of art salvage and bio-dynamic wines, indigenous arts and foods as well as the annual "Architrouve Project". Our pursuits will be to engage all senses, not just the visual, in the experience of art at The Architrouve. We will offer premium events to supplement the fine art exhibitions as fund raisers for charitable organizations and causes.


the architrouve

1433 West Chicago Avenue


T 312.563.0977

F 312.563.1011


Open: Monday- Friday 9am - 5pm

             or by appointment